Harborough District Council are planning a local democracy week from Monday 14 November – Sunday 20 November 2022. This is in line with UK Parliament Week (UKPW). Particularly targeted at young people, this annual national event is designed to raise awareness about what democracy is, and how it operates, at local and national levels.

At this stage, we are interested to learn of any Parish or Town Council meetings or activities you may have planned during this time and to see if they could be promoted as part of the week, to involve the wider community.

There are a wealth of resources available online for you to download, print, or order, should you wish to participate. Simply visit Home | UK Parliament Week for further details.

Once we know more about what is going on across the District, we will share the details with you. So, for now, please provide any queries or updates to parishliaison@harborough.gov.uk who can pass it over to the relevant department