Lutterworth Woodland Volunteers.

There is a hunger in the community to get on with something really worthwhile, especially with the fear of growing and endless climate change and the fact that South Leicestershire has the second-lowest Woodland cover in the UK at 4%. North Leicestershire has 22%.  This hunger has been proven through the dynamic groups in Broughton Astley and Market Harborough supported by about 600 volunteers of all ages in Harborough and supported by multiple Tree Wardens as part of the Leicestershire County Council & Tree Council network.

Planting free tree whips as woods or hedges with landowner permission in multiple schools,  estates and farms is fun for all and provides long-term benefits for our climate and wildlife.  It’s easy and highly rewarding, provides obvious visible growing results and reduces flooding. We are all volunteers having fun helping our children’s future as your children shout

  “Who’s future? Our Future!” focus is Woods, Wildlife and Water

Please email to find out more about the important voluntary role of Tree and Flood wardens.

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