Excited to report that members and friends of the Environment Group have now prepared and sown two wildflower areas in Ullesthorpe, near the village signs at the Claybrooke and Lutterworth ends of the village.

We are waiting hopefully to see what grows next year! It has been a big learning curve for all of us and we are grateful to the Parish Council for their support.

Our main aim is to increase the biodiversity of these roadside verges, so that they are hospitable to a bigger range of plant species, and as a result can offer a safe and fertile habitat for a healthy variety of insects and animals. 

Our other aim is, of course, to enhance the verges on these two roads into the village and over the next two or three years we hope you will see an increasing number and range of wildflowers. 

Establishing this transition to a more diverse and attractive habitat can be a slow business and we see it as a project we will work on for a number of years. If at times you think the verges are looking messy and unkempt, bear with us! We hope you will enjoy the change of approach as much as we are sure the insects and animals will!

If you would like to find out more click here. You can also contact Suzanne Hayto on 07850503817