From Councillor Page

Whilst Lutterworth is not due to be considered for closure there are changes to the opening hours  

As the council looks to reduce costs whilst minimising the impact on residents, the 12-week consultation is open until 24 January 2024, with proposals including:

·        Closing three recycling and household waste sites – Market Harborough, Shepshed and Somerby  

·        Changing the opening days at Bottesford and Melton Mowbray   

·        Closing all sites on Christmas Eve   

·        Changing summer opening hours at all recycling and household waste sites

Proposed closures would save £270,000 per year, with the change in summer opening hours saving a further £150,000 per year.

The council has repeatedly highlighted the current financial pressures, including a budget shortfall of well over £100m by 2027.

Both Somerby and Shepshed sites cost the council significantly more per visit than more popular sites, and all three sites proposed for closure take just 11% of the overall tonnage of waste disposed of.

Alternative sites are available within easy reach of the suggested sites for closure to ensure the impact on residents is minimal, including the newly refurbished site at Kibworth for residents who currently use the Market Harborough site.

The council runs 14 waste sites, more than other East Midlands counties, and a reduction would bring it in line with others in the region.

Councillor Blake Pain, cabinet member for the environment and green agenda, said:  “We’re in listening mode here. We want to know what people think of our pragmatic proposals that make savings but also minimise any impact on residents. 

“We’re the lowest funded council in the UK and we’re doing what we can to make services as efficient as possible, but the growing pressures mean we have to make tough decisions like the ones put forward here.

“Please complete the consultation as we do welcome everyone’s thoughts.”

The consultation was agreed upon by the county council’s cabinet meeting on 24 October and is open until Wednesday 24 January 2024 at