Ullesthorpe WI held their first actual meeting of 2022 on 10th February. The ladies had previously enjoyed a celebratory lunch in The Wycliffe Rooms for the January meeting. At that lunch we raised over £70 for the Hope Against Cancer Charity.

In February we welcomed Wendy Martin to our meting to talk about her life as an Ambassador for the Send a Cow Charity.

What an amazing lady. She was a Head Teacher in Leicestershire and when she retired in 2004 she got involved with Send a Cow. This is a charity that helps families faced with poverty that is often extreme, cruel and unnecessary. Rural Africa is rich with opportunity and where there is land there is hope.

In 1998 a group of UK farmers sent 20 cows to Uganda. The people in the villages were taught how to look after them, milk them and breed from them. The calves would be given to another set of villagers and so it continued. Pigs, goats, bees and checkouts were sent out. Ambassadors also went to train the people.

Things have changed a lot since then. They no longer send cows. They source them locally. Families have learnt to support themselves. Nothing is wasted. They even use the manure and urine to help their agricultural work. Wendy has been to Uganda 5 times. She told us tories about the many successful farmers in the areas. She described the experience as Caring, Innovative and Life changing.

We collected £65 towards the charity and Wendy donated her fee as well. It was lovely to see visitors at the meeting. Two former members returned too.

Our next meetings are at 2pm on:

10th March Embroidered bags

14th April. Iron Age and Roman Local Occupation

12th May Plant Auction

Visitors welcome. Call Jean 01455 209254 or Clare 01455 202499