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Rovers Return Dog Training And Behaviour Consultant

Training And Developing Behaviours That You Want To See Grow in Your Pet Dogs 

If your looking for a supportive, experienced and qualified dog trainer and behaviourist offering fun and effective training then you are in the right place!

I am passionate about education and the benefits of force free dog training.

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If you are experiencing behavioural issues wirh your dog why not book a FREE pre assessment call here?

My bespoke behaviour consultations, specialising in reactive, fear- based, anxious type dog behaviours, are in the comfort of your own home, or online. I work with you and your family to create  a simple, effective training program to help you understand and modify your dogs behaviour and create fun exercises and targetted training to transform behaviours.


Classes coming up in May and June 

May Classes

Pop Up Scent Workshop – Thursday 16th May at 19.15 In Ullesthorpe. (single session)

Online Dog-Dog Reactivity group class – 6th May

Great classess coming up in June!

Rovers On The Pull – Loose Lead – Monday 3rd June at 18.30 (venue to be confirmed LE17)

Recall Games Workshop – 3rd June at 19.30 (venue to be confirmed

Puppy Class – Thursday 6th June at 18.15 in Ullesthorpe.

UK Sniffer Dog Bronze Scent Detection Course – Thursday 6th June at 19.15

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Sam, the head trainer is an expert in dog scent work having completed several courses with UK sniffer dogs, Scentwork UK and The School of Canine Science. She is qualified to and advanced level in canine behaviour and an asessed, full member of the leading professional dog training body The Association of Pet Dog Training UK, and an approved animal trainer (ATI) with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council.

This is a prestige membership only given to those deomstrating the highest knowledge and skill in dog training.

My aim is to help dog owners with issues involving dog on dog reactivity, human – dog reactivity, seperation anxiety, and resource guarding and more. If you are unsure book your FREE call!


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