Building Foundation Behaviours Puppy Training Classes

Next class starts 31/3/2022 at 18.15 at the village hall

What is it?

Puppies need to learn the skills to develop into confident, well-behaved dogs that engage with you and be able to ignore the everyday distractions in the environment.

The classes focus on concepts that enable the dog’s brain to develop the behaviours that will shape your puppy into a confident, well behaved, optimistic dog that is happy to walk beside you, take in the daily smells, ignore other dogs, and return to you when called.

This course is not an ‘obedience class’. I want you to be able to develop your dog’s behaviour through mutual respect and rewarding choices. When your dog learns through rewarding behaviours it creates learning in the hippocampus. Dogs prefer to learn through rewarding experiences rather than fear.

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