Lutterworth and Villages Police Details


Liz Perry


Peter Nichols 

Charlie Davis


PC 2872 James Day


James Rainbow


Steve Adams

 Alexander Caswell-Jones


PCSO 6147 Caroline Charlesworth          


Useful sources of information

You can follow the Police and the Community Safety Partnership on our Twitter and facebook feeds:




Victims of Crime and Anti-social Behaviour can contact Victim First directly for support, those reporting a crime to the police can also be given a referral.

You can now report a crime online if it is not happening at that moment – please call 999 for crimes in progress.

You can also report crimes anonymously to Crimestoppers

0800 555 111

The Community Safety Team at HDC can be contacted on

July police news letter click here

In an emergency always call 999; for example if:

  • life is in danger or someone is seriously injured
  • someone is using violence or there is an immediate threat of violence
  • a crime is in progress or an offender has been disturbed at the scene
  • serious damage to property is being caused or could be caused
  • a road traffic collision has happened and someone is hurt or there is a danger to other road users
  • an immediate police response is necessary

Anti-social behaviour

If you witness anti-social behaviour you should ring the police on 101.  If however you, or others, are being personally threatened then you should ring 999.  You should also report any incidents of anti-social behaviour to the Parish Council

To report crimes etc online click here

The Harborough District Council Community Safety Partnership also provides information about how to deal with different types of anti-social behaviour.  You can find out more information by clicking here.  You can also follow the Community Safety Partnership on Facebook  and Twitter