Parish Council

Ullesthopre Parish Council

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The Ullesthorpe Parish Council acts within a framework of legislation conferred on it by Parliament and forms the third tier of local government, the second tier being Harborough District Council and the first tier Leicestershire County Council.

The Parish Council is an elected body and as such represent the views of residents on issues such as planning applications, local plans etc.  It also acts to promote the interests of the parish and undertakes a range of statutory duties.

The Ullesthorpe Parish Council meets in the Village Hall at 7.45 pm on the first Monday of every month (except January and August).  Where the first Monday is a Bank Holiday the Parish Council meets on the second Monday.

Parish Council meetings are open to the public and residents are able to raise issues at the beginning of each meeting and to comment on agenda items during the meeting.

The current membership of the Parish Council is:

  • Simon Smith (Chair)
  • Hugh Robertson-Smith (Vice-Chair)
  • Geoff Turley
  • Marion Coombs
  • Nick Mooney
  • Casual vacancy

Phone:   01788 869007