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Cabinet Briefing – 21st May 2024


Cllr Ozzy O’Shea Member Briefing Note

Highways & Transport

1. Leicestershire County Council’s ‘surface dressing’ programme started the week commencing 29th April. Progress is slightly behind programme due to the weather and due to the contracted road sweeping supplier, Go Plant, going into administration. An interim arrangement has been placed with Aggregate Industries to supply road sweeping arrangements in the short term.

2. The 2024 urban grass-cutting season started on Tuesday, April 2nd. The second cut started after the Bank Holiday on Monday 6th May; the jitty strimming also started on Tuesday 7th May. The first cut of the rural visibility splays (only) has been completed, and the second cut (single swathe and visibility splays) will start the week commencing 27th May. Grass grass-cutting programme is available via the Council website.

3. The new weed spraying contractor started a six-week programme subject to weather conditions on Monday 13th May. The second treatment will take place later in the summer. The website has been updated with weed spraying FAQ’s and the spray dates for towns and villages. Any routine enquiries relating to grass and weeds during the season should be directed to the website: Time has been taken to include as much information as possible on our webpage and customers should be able to find answers to their queries; should this not be the case, they can use our online ‘Report It’ form.

4. ‘The Local Transport Plan (LTP4) 2026-2040’ is going to be presented to the Cabinet on 24th May. The purpose of the report is to advise the Cabinet on the progress of the new LTP4, to seek approval for the approach to its development and to undertake public consultation. The LTP4 Core Document sets out the vision, key themes and core policies which will underpin the LTP4, the strategic case and narrative for funding, and the Council’s expectations relating to transport infrastructure which is maintained/managed by others. Subject to the Cabinet’s approval, public consultation will be undertaken between 28th May and 9th July.

Traffic & Safety Enquiries

5. A total of 61 enquiries were reported between 11th and 20th May 2024. Parking problems continue to be the most common subject of enquiry.

Highways Enquiries

6. A total of 561 enquiries were reported between 10th and 20th May 2024. The most frequent enquiries included: Carriageway potholes (142), Tree/Hedge (99)

and Ironworks (38). There were 221 roadmender tickets completed (each ticket may contain more than 1 pothole).