A message from HDC.

As you may be aware we aware asked to look in this matter by Councillor Page yesterday, following a few reports of ‘construction’ vehicles using Fairways over the past week.

The developer has advised that work on this particular housing site is nearing completion.  
The temporary access has (or will shortly) be closed off in order to enable the developer to complete the final few houses in the part of the site where the temporary access entered and also to complete the final road / pavement surfacing works. 
As a result of this some construction vehicles will now have to enter the site via Fairways Meadows.  
They have informed me that the tarmac surfacing will be completed today so there should be no more large construction vehicles, however they have advised that “We cannot categorically state that there will be no further construction vehicles accessing via Fairway Meadows as there is still an obligation to maintain the highways, public open space and the like. Inconvenience should however be no worse than a refuse vehicle using the highway.”  

As you mention below other contractor cars/ vehicles / white vans, which are simply using the highway are not something we have any control over as they are vehicles entering the site.

I have asked the developer to make every effort to ensure that they do give residents prior warning of any other activities which may involve larger vehicles.



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