Ullesthorpe Environment Group

The Environment Group is currently working on two projects:

  1. The flower troughs at the village signs on the main road
  2. 2 test sites for wildflower road verges and increasing biodiversity, at either end of the village.

Both projects require more concentrated practical work and attention at certain times of year – if you can help out on an occasional basis, please contact us via Sue Jukes 07963 541926

Unfortunately, since Covid, our numbers have dwindled and this has limited any other activities. We hope that a new generation of enthusiasts will soon be able to take on new projects and ideas. If you are interested in revitalising this important group, please contact  Maggie Pankhurst:  maggie.pankhurst@btinternet.com

Wildflower verges

Our aim is partly to create an attractive show of wildflowers, but principally to promote the variety of plant species and biodiversity which is lacking in so many road verges and cultivated fields. This in turn will promote a beneficial environment for a wider. range of animal and insect species to thrive.

The two wildflower verge sites are near to the village signs at the Lutterworth and Claybrooke ends of the village. We are now in Year 2 of developing the project which we expect to take 4 or 5 years to fully evolve.

In Year 1 (2021), we adopted a new mowing regime whereby we only mow once a year in October in these areas. We scraped back to bare earth in several places and sowed a range of flower seeds as well as planting some wildflower turfs.

In Year 2 (2022), we waited hopefully! As we expected, it has been a slow start and there has not been a dramatic explosion of colour. However, we have spotted many new plant species beginning to emerge. Introducing yellow rattle has begun to suppress the grasses in places and this in turn makes more space for other plants. We will be mowing again in October and have been advised by NatureSpot to once again leave the sites to see what comes next year. We shall need volunteers to help us scrape back the mowings after the seeds have dropped – please let us know if you can help on 15th or 22nd October!

In Year 3 (2023), depending on what plants begin to show, we may need to do further seed sowing to enhance the variety of flowers in 2024. We are learning to take the long view!

For upto date information on the progress of the wildflower verges see the following: