The following e mail was sent to the Ullesthorpe website by Andrew Cunningham.

I am writing to you in the hope that you may publish this open village message in your news letter, 

As a family we lived at Ullesthorpe Court from circa 1970 to 1975. Family name is Cunningham , my name is Andrew , siblings Gregory and Andrea and parents Yvonne and Michael.

We used to have a babysitter from the village called Judy and I remembered being great pals with the Wright brothers whom lived on a farm at the the edge of the village .

Also remember Pauline Brand and a few more people .

If anybody remembers us and would like to get in contact then would love to hear from you .

I am planning to visit Ullesthorpe this year and it would be fantastic to catch up.

Thanks so much for you time and I hope to hear from you .

Kind Regards,

Andy Cunningham