Rosita Page has shared the latest report from HDC about the level of COVID infection in Harborough.  There is real concern about the high levels of COVID in Harborough – well above the national average – and the fact that infection rates are still rising. Rosita urges everyone to keep to the rules so that we can avoid having to move into a higher tier of restrictions once the current national lockdown ends.

Here is the HDC report.

COVID19  – Report from Phil King, Leader of Harborough District Council

Since the latest round of national restrictions started on 4th November, to try and reduce the number of positive tests for COVID19 and reduce demand on the NHS, the situation across the Harborough district has altered dramatically. 

As of Sunday (15th Nov) the Government COVID19 website shows that the number of positive tests in the Harborough district has increased from 1249 to 1639, which is a 31.22 percent increase. 

In the last 7-days alone there have been 326 people test positive for presence of COVID19. 

The rate per 100,000 has now increased from 200.4 on 4th November to 281.4 as of the 10th November. I expect that this will now increase to over 300 per 100,000 population imminently. 

Harborough District 7 -day rate is now ABOVE the average for England, which (10 Nov) was 264.4. 

Council staff have responded and adapted very quickly to the 2nd round of national restrictions, but it is down to all of us, no matter which community we are in/from to follow the guidelines and adhere to the regulations. 

Yes, many of these regulations are frustrating and seemingly contradictory. I have raised my concerns about this, and in particular the patent unfairness to our vital small and medium size high street businesses. 

Whilst in the short term it seems likely a vaccine will come forward, it will be some time before that is rolled out in sufficient numbers to prevent further outbreaks. 

So, we must do all we can now, to remind residents, young and old, that we are all RESPONSIBLE for playing our part to help get the rate DOWN or else, come the 2nd December, we may find that Harborough District stays in the very high tier of restrictions – something none of us wish to see.