community safety vehicle

From Councillor Page

We now have a dedicated Community Safety Partnership Vehicle for the Harborough District funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner. This vehicle will be used in the coming months to increase our engagement with residents across the Districts, especially those in more rural areas. It provides a warm dry space with a table and chairs for meeting with the residents.

Usage will include:

•           teaming up with our local Police officers to run beat surgeries in locations that don’t have a village hall.

•           Attending antisocial behaviour hotspots to increase visibility and be available for residents to speak to us.

•           Raising awareness of seasonal campaigns

•           Use by Community Safety Partners – Police, Fire Service and Turning Point.

•           Joint events with our Health and Wellbeing Team

You may already have seen it out and about near you, but if you would like to specifically request a visit to your Parish, please do contact us with a summary of your issues and appropriate timings.

Contact ;

We also hope shortly to have a page on our website where you will be able to see where the vehicle will be in visiting.