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Claybrooke and Ullesthorpe Cub Scouting

Claybrooke and Ullesthorpe Cub Scouting – Beaver Colony Re-launch

Claybrooke & Ullesthorpe Scout Group offers fun, exciting and adventurous activities which help develop invaluable life, social and practical skills in young people from age 6years to 14years, such as team work, independence, helping others, and many more, all through activities as varied as craftwork, firelighting, exploring nature, finding their way using map and compass, cooking smores over an open fire or building a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows.

Who Can Join?

Young people join a Section according to age: Beavers for 6-8 years old, Cubs for 8-10½ years old, and Scouts for 10½-14 years old. Thereafter they can move on up into Explorers, which runs as a District-managed rather than Group section.

What To Expect

As with so many leisure activities, our Scouting was severely curtailed during the Covid pandemic, although Cubs and Scouts continued to “meet” virtually when they could. As we emerged from the lockdowns, normal in-person meetings resumed, and we now have an enthusiastic group of 8 to 14 year olds regularly attending sessions on Monday evenings or Saturday mornings, as well as enjoying weekend camps.

Beavers however were unable to continue during the pandemic, and while several moved up into Cubs as they reached 8years old, many abandoned their Scouting, and the parent-leaders did not wish to continue that role when their children left. The Colony was therefore forced to close. Without this younger Section, we have lost the natural feed into Cubs and thence to Scouts, and with natural wastage and the older Scouts moving on to the District-run Explorer Section, numbers in our Cubs and Scouts will dwindle.

After many weeks of planning and a local advertising campaign, C and U Scout Group is therefore delighted to announce that they are relaunching the Beaver Colony for boys and girls between the ages of 6 to 8 year old!

The Colony will initially operate alongside the existing Cub Pack for an interim period on Monday evenings from 4th December until the start of the school Christmas holidays, during which time, we will be inviting parents to provide support to our Beaver leaders as the colony develops.The Beaver Colony will then operate as a stand alone Section, meeting on a weekday evening to suit the leaders, from early January 2024.

This is an exciting time for C and U Scouting and there are numerous lead up activities currently in preparation to encourage and enthuse the young children to join us and to embrace the opportunities that being part of the Scouting community can provide. Social capability was severely impacted during the pandemic and the invaluable social skills that can be gained from scouting can help shape young minds providing them with a new awareness of their environment and challenging life experiences.

Our current Scout leaders will shortly be visiting local schools to tell children all about the exciting activities and fun that can be had in Beavers and Cubs. A flyer will also be provided for the children to give to their parents with the aim to encourage many young people to join us from the 4th December.

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