Ullesthorpe WI has at last returned to some form of normality. Members met for an afternoon tea in the garden of a member and then held their first meeting in the village Hall on 12th August.

The speaker was Nick Syderham from the Canine Partners Association. He talked about their excellent work dedicating themselves to help transform the lives of disabled people through their amazing assistance dogs. Their dogs give their partners greater independence and a better quality of life . The dogs are free of charge and specifically trained to each persons needs.

There is no government funding and they rely on public donation.We saw how dogs were trained to help with daily chores such as laundry and every day tasks. They could be trained to tidy away belongings ,open doors get milk from the fridge and even help their partners dress.

We watched videos of dogs helping with shopping and getting money from machines. It costs £30,300 to rear and train a dog successfully.

There is a shortage of breeders and puppy trainers. It is amazing how dogs can pick up what is needed within a home without help.

A donation was made to the group.

The ladies of Ullesthorpe also have adopted a planter outside the village hall to commemorate the 95th birthday of the WI in the village.