Baldwins Charity

Welcome to Ullesthorpe

Baldwins Charity and Allotments

For more information, contact us on 07802 459999 or

 The Annual General Meeting will be held in the Village Hall at 7pm on Thursday 15th February 2024.

Everyone is welcome to join us for this meeting.

The Baldwins Charity Trust was set up in the 19th century to maintain an area of land on the western edge of Ullesthorpe for the benefit of the poor of the village. Part of this land is now used for grazing sheep and cattle and the footpath and track running across this area is in regular use by walkers. The other part is devoted to about 18 allotments.

The Baldwins Charity allotments are on the left at the bottom of the hill out of Ullesthorpe going towards Claybrooke.


Allotment gardening is great fun and extremely rewarding, but it is also a lot of hard work, so if you don’t think you can manage a full sized plot, don’t be put off asking for a smaller one. We currently have a waiting list for plots and if you wish to be added please contact Richard Goodman at,

Charitable Grants available

In 20234we have funds available to offer to individuals or village organisations that would benefit in these difficult times

We consider applications from any individual or organisation where a grant would help residents of Ullesthorpe who are experiencing hardship, to access essential goods or services which would improve their situation and or assist village organisations in their efforts to alleviate poverty and promote well-being.

To discuss a possible application in confidence, or for more details and an application form, please contact the Secretary, Richard Goodman at, 19 The Dell, Ullesthorpe 07802 459999

Application submission date will be around mid summer to be confirmed. Information about the National Allotment Society can be found on