Over the next few days, weeks and months we are going to need to support each other in a way we have never needed to before.

During this time the Ullesthorpe website will try to act as a useful source of information for people.

There is now a CORONAVIRUS section of the website.  Click on CORONAVIRUS at the top of this page to reach the relevant pages.

If you have any ideas about what you, or others, might find useful please send to

Latest information

Thursday 2nd April 17.30

There are currently lots of people still going to work to provide services for us all.  This includes the people who collect our bins every week and who deliver our post every day.  These people are having to work extra hard as many of their colleagues are absent because of the coronavirus.  Why not put a notice on your bin to say thank you to the bin collectors (you could also sanitise the handle for them) and a notice in your window to thank the postman/woman and others who are bringing deliveries direct to your house.

Wednesday 1st April 14.00

Remember if you need help you can contact the Ullesthorpe Volunteer Network who will help you out or find someone who can.  The names of the volunteers for your street can be found by clicking here.

Tuesday 31st March 16.00

Harborough District Council have launched their support package for vulnerable residents.  For more information click here.

Sunday 29th March 14.00

Council Tax

In light of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic residents in the Harborough District who pay their Council Tax by 10 monthly instalments can now choose to pay over 12 months in the financial year to spread the cost.  Click here for more infomation.

Thursday 26th March 10.20

The 1.8 million people who are regarded at most at risk from the coronavirus have now received a letter telling them to stay at home and how to keep safe.  In the letter there is the following paragraph:

“If you are in touch with friends, family or a support network in your community who can support you to get food and medicine, follow the advice in this letter.  If you do not have contacts who can help support you go to: or call 0800 0288327, the government’s dedicated helpine.”

If you need help with this please contact your local volunteer or 01455 697474.

Wednesday 25th March 12 noon


You should only go out for the following reasons:

  • shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible
  • one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household
  • any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person
  • travelling to and from work, but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home

Monday 23rd March 13.30

Yesterday leaflets were delivered to every house in Ullesthorpe offering help to people and giving the name of people they can contact when the need arises.  If you have not had a leaflet then contact 01455 697474 for more information.

Saturday 21st March 9.30

Yesterday a meeting was held at Ullesthorpe Congregational Church.  At the meeting it was decided to create a network of support for people in Ullesthorpe.  The village will be divided into a number of areas and volunteers will offer support to people in each of the areas.  A leaflet giving more details will be delivered to every house in the village over the next few days. If you would like to volunteer to help please send an e mail to

Here are the areas and if you click on the area you will get names and contact details of the volunteers for that area:

A:  Ashby Road

B:  Goodacre Road/Lutterworth Road

C:  College St/Mill Road/Hall Lane

D:  The Dell/Station Road

E:  South Avenue

F:  Fairway Meadows/The Leys

G:  Manor Rd/Stevens Close

H:  Frolesworth Rd/Main St/Green Gardens

I:   Orchard Walk

Saturday 21st March 8.50

Harborough District Council have set up a coronavirus web page.  Click here for a link to the web page.

This web page will be continuously updated and has information about health, council services etc

Saturday 21st March 8.45

There is a Facebook group trying to organise the volunteer effort in Lutterworth.  Click here 

Anyone wishing to contact Age Concern should do so on 01455 557116 or in emergency 07517 291711.  The Age Concern shop will be closed on Mondays and Saturdays because of the lack of volunteers.

Saturday 21st March 8.30am

Lutterworth Tip is closed.  Whetstone still open at the moment.

Welcome to Ullesthorpe

Ullesthorpe is a village in South Leicestershire with about 1,000 residents. It is a mainly residential village with a primary school as well as a village shop, butchers, hairdresser, a pub, a hotel and golf course, doctor’s surgery, village hall, playing field and chapel.

There are many clubs and activities in the village and it is hoped that this website will give you the information you need to fully enjoy what our village has to offer.

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